Safety, Rules, & Company Policies

Please note: We do not provide attendants / staff to run equipment with normal reservations. Deposit and Balance are an add-on with separate rental fee. You will need to provide adult supervision while all bouncers, slides, and interactives are inflated/ in use. If an attendant is needed please contact Sharp Pencil Creative Entertainment, LLC prior to your event so one can be provided for an extra service fee.

Cancellation Policy & Payment Requirements
If full payment is not made prior to your event date CASH ONLY will be accepted on site the day of your event before the unit/entertainment comes out of the truck. Our team does not carry cash change with them on deliveries. Therefore we ask that you have exact cash for payment. If you must use a credit card the day of the event there will be a 5% convenience fee on the charge.

On busy weekends when we sell out, which is very often, payment is preferred prior to the event date to save time.

In the case of precipitation, wind or dangerous weather it is up to the client to call the morning of the rental date to discuss options as we may not be aware of inclement weather in your area.

If the truck has left the warehouse for delivery the client is responsible for the full amount of the rental price. We will issue a full refund if both Sharper Events & Party Rentals as well as the client decide the weather is to high of a risk to install.

Cancellations that happen 15 days or more before the event will receive a full refund. Cancellations that happen 14-2 days before the event will receive a Rain Check in the amount of the deposit good for 1 calendar year. All payment above the required deposits will be returned.

Weather conditions fewer than 40 degrees are dangerous to children and the equipment and will void any rental. If you are concerned, please call our office. 207-337-4891

Our main concern is safety. We have been incident free since our companies' first day of operation. Risk assessment is crucial to enjoy a fun safe day with our party and event rentals equipment.

Inflatables Setup Requirements

In order to set up an inflatable we need to make sure of a few things:

Generally, at least a 12'x18' or larger section of level ground must be available. Please refer to the description of the unit you will be renting to see the required space needed for set up

There must be no overhanging trees or power lines above your selected location

The location must be within 50ft of an electrical outlet. (If the location is not within 50ft of an outlet a generator will be required.)

If you do not have access to a generator one can be rented from us for an additional fee. ($50 per rental)

Area must be free of debris, broken glass and pet droppings

The renter must be present at the time of drop off to sign paperwork and go over safety instructions.

Payment is required in full at the time of drop before setup. No exceptions

Emergency Procedures

If inflatable begins to deflate or collapse, REMAIN CALM and direct everyone outside of the inflatable as soon as possible.

If someone is trapped inside of a collapsed inflatable you must REMAIN CALM, direct someone to re-inflate the product while helping the person out of the product at the same time.

In case of sudden, or inclement weather please vacate bounce house and unplug power source to blower immediately.

General Safety Rules

Adult Supervision is REQUIRED at all times. At NO times should equipment be left unattended.

Attendant Information

A responsible adult must be attending/supervising inflatable and users at all times

Attendant MUST read and understand safety plaque and operation information.

Attendant MUST be alert and pay attention to users at all times.

Attendant MUST be standing in a position where he/she has clear view of riders.

People using an inflatable unit should never be left alone without an attendant.

Medium Bouncers are intended for children 2-12 years of age

All Inflatable units have proper user requirements posted at entrances to unit

Riders should be sliding in the proper manner demonstrated on safety plaques (feet first).

Riders should not be using inflatable products during inclement weather (rain, wind, etc.).

Riders are not allowed to jump against, climb or play near the sides or wall netting.

Riders are not allowed to play near the entrance or exit.

No rough play inside of inflatable products.

No Food, gum, drinks, pets, body paint, silly string or sprays inside of inflatable products. All of these items will damage the bounce house / inflatable unit and renter will be held responsible.

Riders cannot exceed maximum weight, height and number of riders specified on safety plaque.

No sharp objects allowed inside the inflatable (shoes, keys, glasses, necklaces, etc.).

No one is allowed in the inflatable that has or might have physical problems, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Riders must be properly dressed and have socks on to avoid skin burns.

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